B i r c h B o x // M a r c h // R e v e a l


The March BirchBox Reveal.

March is almost half way through and this is my fourth box. I was so excited at first but now it seems very repetative. The first two- December and January were my fave with the products. Its not that I am not excited about the boxes anymore (I still have hope) but the products seem to cover the same areas that I have already received my faves and I would like to purchase the full size version but not if I keep getting the same product in my boxes. For example almost every month I have received a hair mask and a leave-in spray for my hair. I also have found my fave eyeliner too.  I wish there was a spot in your application to say what your faves are so they stop sending you that specific product. Anywho-

This month was pretty much the same as the last couple with some similar products and one of them I have already received and love but do not use enough to need another sample of it. Again, wish I could tell them this, I believe the service would benefit -if they’d only ask me ūüôā

So here is the reveal of the products with my description next to each and what it is for;


No. 1 is waterproof mascara in the long white and green bottle. Just looking at it, I am not excited. I love my super long lash mascarain a purple bottle. This one says nothing but waterproof -not exciting. I will try it -but again I have found my love and not sure I will switch anytime soon unless this one is to die for.

No. 2 is a lipstick by Manna -a really pretty color. Although, I have come to love my matte by revlon and I am happy with it.I might be willing to try certain color lip liners though. I am always willing to try other brands but again I am loving the matte look. And I received a lipstick in another color last month that I probably will not use much.

No. 3 is a face moisturizer with spf 15 in it which is pretty cool. I am excited about this one because it says cool cucumber which I love the refreshing smell of cucumber. And I freckle easy so its nice to have the spf in it.

No. 4 is another protector leave-in spray. I have my fave from the first couple boxes and in the February reveal I have a link in there for it. It is amazing and smells delish.

No. 5 is another dry shampoo. This is one I have already received a dry shampoo a couple boxes ago and I love that one -the smell is great and do not use it enough or want to try another one. Besides this months one looks like a generic brand or nothing special. I am just disappointed I keep receiving similar items to ones I already have found a love for. I want to be able to share this with Birchbox so they will not send these items to me again!


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