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One of my cheap finds for my spring wardrobe.

So my go-to for finding used items is Poshmark. If you are not familiar with Poshmark, check out my blog post called New or Used. I buy and sell clothes on Poshmark and the only reason it hasn’t got out of control (with shopping -it happens really easily) is because I only use what I make from selling my clothes to buy more clothes. In this way, I do not purchase when I find something. I simply like it and then go back to it later when I have sold enough items and hope its still there. I have lost a couple items but it wasn’t a super disappointment although it was sad. Sometimes I end up unliking things because by the time I get money I don’t want to spend it on those items. I have one more item I got for super cheap. I will be posting it next week with an outfit including this find. So check it out!


This blouse is not only a must have for spring it is perfect. It has black and white (or possible navy and white) floral print, crochet detail in front and on sleeves, a tie neckline, flowy, and blush/peach in colour! This blouse was only $15 plus Posh shipping which has just been raised to $6.49. This top is like brand new (great condition) by Daniel Rainn which is a pretty pricey but quality brand top. For a new top in this brand it would be between $48 to $68 new. Score! Check back next week for another awesome find (even better deal) and a picture of my outfit with this top and the other great find together -another must-have for spring! Enjoy!


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