D e a l / o r / n o / D e a l

Another thrifty find for spring.

Hey all! Another great find for my spring wardrobe and I’m so happy to share with you how big of a deal this one was. Have you heard of the brand Vince Camuto? Its a very expesive brand so when I find it used and cheaper I’m excited. I found these shoes on Poshmark and they have only been worn once and in perfect condition! Hello! Best Deal Ever! Shoes by Vince Camuto can cost from $75 up to $150. I got them for $15 plus shipping!! 🙂 They are the perfect colour for me a cream/tan colour that I am loving for spring! Did I mention they are suede?? They are a wedge and a peep-toe combonation but are so comfy. Did I mention I am clumsy? And I have a problem walking in heels or anything tall. When I requested the heel height, her response was 1/2″ so I was super excited but when I opened the package I see the front platform is about 1/2″ and the heel is another 2″ making it a totall heel height of 2-1/2″ (which is not my friend). I will break somthing! Luckily the platform in the front makes these feel high but not angled -so I am super happy!


I did promise an outfit with the peach floral blouse from Daniel Rainn in the last blog with these shoes as well. So see below for a cute outfit! If you would like any more details just comment below or use the contact tab! Enjoy!



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