1 0 / M u s t / H a v e / B r a n d s

To have in your wardrobe -quality pieces that are affordable.

Over time I have noticed which brands can stand the test of time with little to no wear. Other brands are amazing comfy right away and are immediatly a keeper. Some brands I have bought used and they are in great shape and comfortable. All of the brands are worth the price. If they are still too expensive for you to purchase, buying used is still a great option -the quality is amazing.

  1. 7top10.jpgFREE PEOPLE. This may seem like an obvious one but not all expensive clothing is perfect. The best thing about this brand is that it is available at Nordtromrack which is more afordable for me. Usually Free People shoes can cost from $75 to over $200. These boots were $80 at Nordstrom rack but this style can be over $100. A great find.
  2. 9top10.jpgAMERICAN EAGLE. I have over 10 pairs of pants -denim and other and they are comfy and flattering. I am careful how I wash my clothing but this denim can hold up without stretching -even with softner. I have the distressed style too and they are still in great shape after two years. I always wash them on delicate cold/cold or sometimes warm/cold after a couple washes but not all the time. Prices range from $49-$75 depending on where you purchase and they are available at discount stores.
  3. 5top10.jpgVINCE CAMUTO. I have two pairs of shoes (just recently) and they are made with quality materials and they hold up. They are expensive but if bought used (which I bought them both) it will be more affordable and they will hold up. I have only seen this brand at Nordstrom. The blue wer $50 and the tan were $15 (worn once before).
  4. 10top10.jpgZARA. I have never bought this brand -new but I have shoes and a necklace that I bought and I love them. The shoes are super comfortable and the necklace is in great shape. I am not sure of the new prices but the shoes I bought for $17 and the neckace was $10.
  5. 6top10.jpgMOSSIMO. I know this is a Target brand. And you may have to purchase a top one size bigger to avoid a shrink with the first wash  but do not deform. I have multiple tops (knits, blouses, sweaters, cardigans) and they hold up over time. I also have a pair of sandals and a faux suede jacket that have held up. The shoes are seriously like slippers. I do not, however, like their pants. Prices range from $15 to $50.
  6. 2top10.jpgVICTORIA’S SECRET PINK. I know this is a popular brand especially for college age and that is around the time I bought most of my PINK items but I still have tops and pajamas that are still in tact and just recently are starting to let go. LOL. I have had bras a nd underwear that are sturdy also and have never bought another brand since they are so amazing and affordable (if you hit the semi-annual sale or the buy 5 or 8 for $25-$28). Some pieces still have no show of wear. I don’t even want to count the years of how long I’ve worn some of these pieces 😀
  7. 8top10.jpgLUCKY BRAND. I have two pairs of booties from them and its like wearing slippers. I tried on the blush ones at Nordstromrack and just didn’t take them off. I walked around the store in them! I couldn’t even put them back on the shelf when I tried them on. I just recently discovered if my feet are comfy I am happy so I have given in to investing in comfy shoes. It’s worth it. One can also purchase Lucky from TJ Maxx (I bought the brown ones there) to make them more affordable. Both boots were around $70.
  8. 4top10.jpgEXPRESS. I have a plaid top and a pair of sandals that I adore and have held up and are amazing. Definetely happy with those purchases. I did buy a sweater at the same time that I didn’t really like becuase it stretched out super easy. Express runs a little big but thats easy to adjust for 🙂 I bought the plaid top on sale but I think normally it is around $50 and the shoes were $40.
  9. 3top10.jpgDANIEL RAINN. I have only bought this brand used -so far. This blouse and blazer fit and run true to size. They are both used and are still in great condition. This brand can run from $48-$75 so not too bad. I bought the blouse for $15 and the blazer for $8 pre-worn)
  10. 1top10.jpgPUMA. I have puma shoes, socks, and active wear that are tough through washes and can hold up in time, great quality. They run really small so you have to buy (seems like) two sizes bigger. They runs narrow in shoes and really small and narrow in clothing. I have a petite figure but I have weight on me so I fit the items but its a tight fit. Still a great brand. The price can range from $30-$75 depending on where you purchase from. Many discount stores carry Puma but the good quality is from the outlet store or online. I bought the shoes for around $70 each (it’s been awhile can’t remember too well).

Feel free to leave comments or questions below and I hope you enjoyed my assessment!!


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