K n o w / Y o u r / S t y l e

The simple knowledge of your style is beneficial and freeing. Look out for major expansion within your style and in your closet!

Hello! We all start to notice similar pieces in our closet; our “go-to” colours and prints that fill up our wardrobe. We have five navy tops or nine pairs of grey shoes. We then get bored of our wardrobe because we have all the same items, same colours, which makes it difficult to have a healthy array to mix and match and give us more ensemble choices. But lets be honest, most of us -while shopping, will reach for what looks attractive at the moment instead of what will help add dimension to our wardrobe. When you know your style, it will help you branch out within that catagory that is you and to add adventure and intrigue to your attire. Many of us have a few styles we love and have many items from multiple catagories. I do think this has a lot to do with confidence (how bold you want to be), comfort (you may not be comfortable in something flashy or tailored), and personality (some like it simple becasuse its less chaotic to look at). Here is a list of general qualities for each style with some overlap. Once you realize your style or combination of styles, you can branch out within your category to try more trends that you may be overlooking and would actually really love.

C L A S S I C :  kys1.png(blazer, plaid) simple patterns that have rhythm; polka dots, stripes, geo prints, checkers, plaid, as well as symmetric lines. Cuts and prints are always in style. Collared and tailored, tie-neck.

E D G Y :  dark(cobalt side zipper pants, hemline down middle of shirt, tall boots, faux suede choker) bold, fun, unique, animal print, colour, cut outs, zippers, asymmetrical lines. Heels.

B O H E M I A N : 4.png(elephant print, cargo, earthy tones, boho layered necklaces) embroidery, eyelet, paisley, hippie designs, earthy tones but also bold colours too. Flowy and vintage. Lace-up, fringe, tie-neck, tassel.

R O M A N T I C : l(blouse hem pleats, floral necklace, pastels) flirty fun colorful florals that can be bold, pastels -feminine colours, eyelet, ruffles, lace. ballet flats (this outfit has two categories edgy and romantic).

G L A M O R O U S: 15(metallic choker, lace up flats, ruffle hem) feminine, bold; metallic, sequins, and flashy. Heels.

P R E P P Y : i(striped cardigan, white tee, cargo) simple prints and lines; gingham, sailboats (images) collars, tailored, cargo, dockers, trousers, loafers.

Get to know your style! Some of these items may already be in your closet but some may not! You will start to see them everywhere now that you know what else is in your category. Enjoy your next shopping excursion and branch out!


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