S t i t c h / F i x / R e v i e w

M A R C H 2017 Stitch Fix Reveal (referral).


Hello all! I get so excited when I can afford to order a Fix from Stitch Fix. Sometimes I’m too excited and then get disppointed easily. I am super picky and sometimes I don’t know what I like and why or I just know I don’t like something and don’tknow why. Any who, I am starting to understand my style more now that I work at Stitch Fix. This last Fix was so fun although I did not get any short sleeve tops that I can wear through spring into summer. Although I did get a light coloured cotton cargo jacket which I needed desperately. When I received my Stitch Fix my mom was over and she is a new subscriber and she is having so much fun! I love that I can share this with her and my sister! I wanted to share my fun with you and what I kept and for you to vote on what I should have kept 🙂 So here are the contestants (in pics because thats more fun).

WHAT IS STITCH FIX? In case your wondering what the hype is ALL about, Stitch Fix is an internet based service (click on the referral link above) to fill out your style profile (also see; “know your style” and “personal shopper” blog before you fill it out for extra tips) and sign up.

When you fill out your style profile and preferrences they will ask you at the end what you would like in your Fix. This is where you say what trends you love, colours you want to see, or patterns you are loving. You can also requests a stylist (me 🙂 Christina Hernandez) to style you. Make sure you select the frequency (how often) you would like to get your Fix. You can select  to automatically have Fixes sent to you or you can order them when you want to 🙂

It’s great. A present in the mail personalized for you. Anyway you sign up and request a date to receive your Fix by. Once you have selected a date they will pull $20 from your account (you get this back if you keep at least one item). The stylist gets your Fix and checks out all your stats and selects five pieces just for you; 1. an accessory (bag, scarf, wrap, shawl, poncho, jewelry, or shoes), 2. an outderlayer (cardigan/jacket/vest/blazer), 3. & 4. a couple tops (tank, blouse, knit, sweater), 5. a pair of pants/dress/skirt) for a total of five. You are also definitely aloud to request whatever you want; all jeans, all dresses, a vacation, a night out, party attire etc. The requests are endless. Once you receive your Fix and try on all the items, you can select which you will keep (and rate the pieces in detail if you want), you can exchange sizes, you can exchange for damaged items (on the app or on your desktop). It is so easy and convenient especially if you are super busy and cannot shop or you’re a mama who just can’t go shopping without littles running around like crazy (my boys). It really is for everyone; we have petites, plus size, lower prices, Luxe (higher prices), we have some inseams for taller (long inseam pants) and now we have Mens! Its all so amazing! Please feel free to ask questions if I have left something out! So you checkout and they automatically send your exchanges to you (make sure you send the damaged and wrong sizes back with your returns). If you keep all five items you get 25% off your total order, yay!

No. 1sfr4.jpgThe first try on is the wrap cardigan in navy in a loose fit. I really loved this cardigan. It is loose around the stomach and it has a button on each side and is very light weight as well as a 3/4 sleeve, perfect for spring/summer.

No. 2 sfr3The second try on is a striped lightweight loose hoodie with ebroidered roses on the sleeve. LOVED this! It’s so casual and trendy and stylish all at the same time! Navy stripes on a white sweatshirt style with red, pink, and green roses.

No. 3 sfr2.jpgThe third try on is this sweatshirt in a beautiful rust colour with lace shoulders. Simply amazing in a straight fit. I love it but it was one size too small for my comfort and it would be too warm for me to wear a lot right now with Spring and summer weather coming up.

No. 4sfr1.jpgThe forth try on is a black and white striped knit loose top with woven floral detail across the top (front and back). I loved the fit and it was so soft with 3/4 tab sleeves with floral detail on the tab.

No. 5sfr cover2 The fifth try on is a collarless cotton cargo jacket in off-white with a waist pull and four pockets in a loose fit but can be adjusted for a more slimming fit.

The final keep count was yes to No. 2, 4, & 5. What do you think I should have kept or what would you have kept?

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