F l o r a l s / o n / R e p e a t.

Check out these trendy alternatives to floral prints.

I know it is fun, fresh, and exciting to bust out the florals right away to get rid of the winter blues. But after styling florals into your ensemble for a few weeks -or even a month, it will get old and boring fast! There are plenty of prints, styles, and colours to mix into your outfits to prolong the freshness of your florals before you OBSESS them out. Circulate all of the these fun trends for spring using this list for a variety of pieces that you will not get bored with -these are spring essentials.

  1. Pinstripes/stripes. sfr3floral1.jpgIt’s fresh, crisp, and white & light colors. Enjoy spring -mix stripes with florals.
  2. Fun sleeves and ruffle detail.floral6.jpgfloral2Boho is everything. Especially now -flowy fun and this detail is icing on the cake -or outfit.
  3. Off the shoulder.floral4.jpgCheck out the ruffle and tie sleeves. I haven’t busted out these bad boys yet but I’m gonna -and soon. I LOVE BLUSH.
  4. Brights, unique details, and cut-outs.floral5.jpgfloral3.jpgCut-outs are fun without revealing too much skin. Or add a fun underlayer. Enjoy!

To purchase the feautured floral top, click here.


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