My dream come true.

M E // Hello. I am glad you are here. I am excited to share some things about me with you. My name is Christina. I have loved design all my life. Whether rearranging my room as a child or drawing and designing different clothes and shoes on Betty Boop. I still rearrange my house and my kids rooms- a lot. I think it may be soothing to me. Any who. I almost went into Cosmetology but got freaked out. I am a pleaser. I like to do well the first time, so I tend to shy away from things that I think I may not do well with -or that someone may get disappointed or upset at me. Mainly if I styled, cut, or colored hair I could see myself stressed, a lot.

S C H O O L //  I did work a few jobs; I was a clerk, purchaser, and financial assistant for my dad’s 7-11, a teller/loan officer at a credit union and lastly a purchaser at a hardware store for eight years. While I was a purchaser for the hardware store, I chose to go back to school. I went to school for a total of six years, online, for my Associates and Bachelors. I thought I knew what I would love and that would be it. Not so much. I started with Psychology. I am already in my head too much, so I know that would keep me from ever talking and over analyzing everything even more. So I changed my major to Human Services/ Management. It was very interesting to me with variety and I wanted to make a difference. When I started school, I did not have any children. I was focusing on helping children without a voice, an advocate. Then I had my first son in the middle, almost the end of completing my Associates. Children take a lot of energy and I didn’t want kids, I didn’t plan on kids. I intended to stand up for the ones who had no one.

F A M I L Y// Once I had my first child, Gabriel, I was in love with him and so happy and thankful for him. I was not married and things were not going well in that relationship so he was a blessing to me in the middle of chaos. I chose not to continue working but to finish my degree. I continued on to complete my Bachelors in the same degree I had started, not knowing I would be exhausted with having my own child let alone any others. I have been home ever since (2010). In the meantime, I have worked at a daycare for bible studies, watched after my previous Pastor’s son, and now- recently have started working as a fashion stylist last February (2016).

M A R R I A G E // Since I graduated school, I have met an amazing man (ChristianMingle) and we have married (April 2014) and had a son- Isaac (April 2014). Yes, do the math. We had our wedding in my dads beautiful backyard when I was 39 weeks pregnant on a Wednesday and we had Isaac by the following Tuesday morning. It’s all been amazing and very hard. Having kids before the newlywed stage of our marriage is extremely hard. I am still sad about it but I wouldn’t change a thing. Anyway, since my second son, we decided I would continue to stay home with Isaac. We started to feel tight on money and we both decided I should go back to work.

C A R E E R // My sister had a brilliant idea which involved applying to be a remote fashion stylist, the job of my dreams, and being able to work from home. I was on it and applied a few times for Stitch Fix and with a couple tweaks of my resume finally the job was mine. I was really excited about working from home, at a decent paying job, in a field I was actually excited to work in. Since then, I have learned a lot about fashion, more than I knew and I continue to change and create my own style along the way. Before I created my Instagram I was loving Pinterest and checking out fashion ideas. The one fashion icon that stood out to me and I always loved her posted and was inspiredly her was Sincerely Jules. I love her style; she is laid back and creative. I started Instagram as I way to post my outfits and my creative ideas about fashion. I love giving advice about fashion and creating my own style while staying on trend. Here is the link to my IG account with my fashion posts and creative outfits. I use to post everyday with fashion, family, and experiences. Enjoy!


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